Commercial Services Preventative Maintenance

Lubbock is renowned for its unpredictable weather, like Haboobs, and constant wind and dust. Air Filtration is the primary shield against dirt and debris elements for your home or business. Maintaining your filters and performing regular maintenance ensures your equipment stays in peak condition and is optimized for energy efficiency.

Our skilled technicians can identify and resolve minor issues swiftly, preventing them from escalating into costly problems. Here's a rundown of what our service typically includes:

Whats Included?

WSC's Preventative Maintenance Programs offer different options to suit your needs! When you join the program, you receive:


We have plans for:

  • Commercial HVAC
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When you join the program, you receive:

  • Priority service
  • Professional & friendly technicians
  • Custom programs to fit your needs​.

Regular Inspections:

Scheduled inspections are conducted to assess the condition of equipment, identify potential issues, and determine maintenance needs.

Cleaning and Lubrication:

Components are cleaned of dirt and debris that could impede performance. Lubrication of moving parts is also carried out to reduce friction and wear.


Equipment requiring precise measurements or settings, such as HVAC systems, sensors, or machinery, are calibrated to ensure accuracy and optimal performance.


Functional tests are performed to verify that equipment operates as intended and meets performance standards.

Compliance Checks

Ensure that equipment and systems meet operating and industry standards.

Tightening and Adjustments:

Fasteners and connections are checked for proper tightness, and adjustments are made as necessary to maintain optimal operation.

Software Updates:

For equipment controlled by software, updates are applied to improve performance, address security vulnerabilities, or add new features.


Comprehensive records of maintenance activities, including inspection findings, repairs, and replacements, are maintained for reference and compliance purposes.

Emergency Preparedness:

Plans and procedures are in place to respond to unexpected failures or emergencies promptly, minimizing downtime and potential damage.

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