Commercial HVAC
Installation & Repair

Commercial HVAC Installation & Repair

Commercial HVAC involves heating and cooling large properties, such as business buildings, restaurants, rental properties, hospitals, schools, and more. Because of the large size and scale of the units, commercial HVAC is widely different than its residential counterpart in terms of size, capacity, and operational complexity. These units require much more attention, education, and knowledge to install and service. At WSC all our technicians are fully trained and continuously educated on today’s latest technology, the skills of the trade, and other aspects of the commercial HVAC industry. Our team can work on existing systems and provide service and repair, install premanufactured systems or we can customize and tailor a system towards the needs of your business and the size of the space.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Any brand, any size, any model, any year!


Compressor replacement and repair

Compressor replacement and repair in commercial HVAC systems can be a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Overall, it requires expertise, attention to detail, and adherence to safety protocols to ensure successful outcomes and reliable operation. At White Services, we have experienced HVAC professionals for these tasks.

Faulty or aged wiring replacement

Throughout the process of replacing faulty or aged wiring in commercial HVAC repair, safety should be the top priority. Our technicians follow appropriate safety procedures and use personal protective equipment (PPE) as necessary to prevent accidents and injuries.

Condenser replacement or repair

It's worth noting that condenser replacement or repair in commercial AC systems can be a labor-intensive process, requiring the expertise of trained HVAC technicians. We have the expertise you’re looking for. Additionally, compliance with environmental regulations regarding refrigerant handling is critical and a priority throughout the process.

Control Systems

Our skilled technicians will verify the functionality of sensors, thermostats, actuators, and other control devices. We’ll calibrate or replace any sensors that are not providing accurate readings. We will adjust setpoints for temperature, humidity, and airflow based on occupancy schedules, weather conditions, and energy efficiency goals.

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