Our Commercial Services department specializes in larger commercial applications from commercial HVAC, Refrigeration and Commerical Kitchen Equipment to Beer Systems. We’ve got a team that can service or install the system of your choosing. Put your commercial servicing needs into the capable hands of the experts at White Services. We respond quickly, 24 hours a day, to listen to your concerns and make educated decisions that resolve issues small or large. We have over years of experience serving and installing a multitude of different commercial industries with higher than satisfactory results.


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Installation & Service

Beer Systems

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Installation & Service

Our services include:

Routine Maintenance:

Perform regular inspections and preventive maintenance on commercial HVAC, Refrigeration Systems and Commercial Kitchen Equipment to ensure efficient operation, in addition to maximize equipment longevity.

Systems Diagnostics:

We provide a systematic approach in order to properly diagnose and identify necessary repairs and/or replacement on your equipment by utilizing the latest technology in our industry.


Following thorough diagnostics our technicians come fully prepared for almost any minor or major repair that may arise. Including but not limited to; malfunctioning equipment, breakdowns from daily use or faulty components, such as compressors, fans, thermostats, or refrigerant lines and systems.

System Optimization:

Evaluate and optimize system performance of commercial HVAC, Refrigeration and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Systems to enhance energy savings, increase longevity and reduce overall operating costs for clients.

Upgrades and Retrofits:

Recommend and implement upgrades or retrofits for existing HVAC, Refrigeration and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Systems to meet changing regulations, improve energy efficiency, or accommodate changes in building use.


Our client service team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in effectively communicating complex and detailed information to our service technicians, ensuring they are fully prepared upon arrival.


Maintain accurate records of service activities, including inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks. Keep clients informed about the status of their HVAC, Refrigeration and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Systems.

Customer Communication:

Communicate effectively with clients to understand their specific needs, provide estimates for services, diagnose and repair equipment and ensure customer satisfaction. That's our number one priority!


Ensure that all services provided comply with relevant safety codes, regulations, and industry standards. Stay informed about changes in regulations affecting commercial HVAC, Refrigeration and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Systems.

In summary

Our Commercial Service and Contracting Department plays a crucial role in maintaining and optimizing HVAC, Refrigeration and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Systems for our commercial clients, helping them achieve reliable and efficient operation of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

Here are some of the items we install and service.

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